Pink GID OctoDunny 8" Resin Dunny Art Figure Surfaces in 30 Minutes at! Exclusive Pink GID OctoDunny 8 inch Resin Dunny Art Figure

Surfaces at in 30 Minutes

We have been lucky enough to rarely catch a glimpse of the young OctoDunnys.  Now it's time for the mother of them all to surface after spending more than an eternity in the deepest darkest depths of the ocean.  In 30 minutes you will be able to catch a glimpse of the OctoDunny mother!  This Exclusive Pink GID OctoDunny 8" Resin Dunny Art Figure features an internal “Taku Taku” Octopus that is hand-sculpted by New York artist Josh Kimberg and cast in a pink and green swirl that has a SUPER GLOW-IN-THE-DARK secret!
Each of these pieces were lovingly hand-created in New York by Clutter Studios.  Limited to only 30 pieces worldwide, this 8" Resin OctoDunny is sure to make the biggest splash in your collection just in time for the holidays!
Make sure to refresh the page at 10am MST so you don't miss it.


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