The Gifted S02E08 "the dreaM" Recap

After Lorna reprimands Rebecca for killing the innocent humans at the bank, Rebecca decides to leave the Inner Circle and runs off much to Andy's horror. John and Clarice try to track the Inner Circle following the events at the bank. They later catch up to Rebecca and she reluctantly tells them what little information she knows about what the Inner Circle is planning before running off again. The inner circle was looking into the company Regimen. After Rebecca runs off, she is captured by Fade.

The remaining Struckers meet Madeline, a scientist who is working on a cure to help stabilise the powers of Mutants who are struggling to control them. She is able to temporarily help Reed with his, and goes on to say that she wants to study Lauren's powers in order to make a cure for any mutants that want to rid themselves of their powers.

Lorna is concerned about the escalating violence and the danger that it could pose for baby Dawn. She speaks with Esme about sending her out of the line of fire and Esme suggests a special mutant school in Switzerland. Flashbacks show a younger Lorna with Marcos while she was newly pregnant and speaking with him about her father. Further flashbacks into Lorna's youth show a young teenage girl lost and confused about herself, her powers, all while living with her aunt. She isn't able to have any conversations about her birth father and the only contact she ever had with him was his leaving a medallion for her as a gift.

Lauren meets Madeline's assistant Noah who had an implant put into him that allowed him to regain control over his destructive vibration powers that nearly killed his younger brother when they were kids.

Lorna brings Dawn to Marcos so he can say goodbye and he does so, but not without repeatedly protesting that he shouldn't have to say goodbye in the first place since he's never been given the opportunity to get to know her in the first place. Ultimately Lorna decides to bring baby Dawn to live with her Aunt, now understanding that her own father must have done the same thing that she is now doing to Dawn as a way of protecting her. Later on, Lorna takes the medallion given to her by her father and turns it into a helmet.

Lauren is horrified to learn that Madeline's true intentions are to cure all mutants, particularly when it's revealed that her brother Matthew was the founder of the Purifiers.

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