Titans S01E07 "Asylum" Review

If you thought "Titans" was dark and violent before, you haven't seen anything yet. But beyond the physical violence, this is an episode that digs deeper into the psychological traumas of both past and present.

When Adamson slashes his own throat to literally force Rachel's hands so that she can use an empathic aspect of her powers to heal him. Dick and Kory are still the concerned parental figures and will not allow Rachel to be toyed with that easily. It's a dynamic that will be put to the test once the Titans head to an old asylum that is said to hold Angela Azarath, Rachel's birth mother.

Once the Titans have been captured, each is subjected to severe means of torture, except for Rachel who is being pressured by Adamson to summon her father. Rachel instead opts to undo the magic she used to save him, re-opening the throat wound so he bleeds to death.

There's a series of highs and lows with the emotional well-being of the Titans. Rachel's ongoing battle between her own morality and how it intertwines with her powers is even more significant to her story. The most important part of this story is not about a simple resolution to what side she will choose, but that she is able to learn to claim and maintain her own autonomy.

Dick's unresolved traumas are violently brought to the forefront when he is subjected to considerable means of torture. With only Rachel's pleas being able to bring him back from what a borderline catatonic state, the writers have presented the depth of this connection that has formed in the team members. It's something that will be particularly important in moving forward now that Gar is shaken to the core over having killed one of the asylum doctors that had been coming after them. Previews for next week show Dick opting to push the team away, indicating that despite the bond that has been forged among them he has much to learn about how to cope with having a family after being without one for so long.

"Titans" airs on Fridays on DC Universe.


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