Titans S01E08 "Donna Troy" Review

This week's episode presents reuninns and revelations that will threaten the very bond that has been forged among the Titans. Rachel, Kory and Gar go with Angela by train in search of a house she own in Ohio that they will use as their new home base since their previous one was being used under shaky circumstances.

While on board, Kory gets into a tussle with a stranger making eyes at her. She is suspicious of his motives, despite his claims that he was only checking her out for being attractive. She is later proved correct when he is revealed to be an agent that calls in for back-up from other law enforcement that raid the train to apprehend Kory as she is wanted for previous crimes. Once again her powers prove beneficial and through some serious fire power and explosions, the gang escapes.

Meanwhile, Dick is reunited with an old friend, Donna Troy. They are shown to have met while both serving as sidekicks to members of the Justice League. While Dick had his tumultuous relationship with Bruce Wayne, Donna was aiding Diana Prince. The reunion offers a bit of levity to Dick after the traumas of last week's episode in the abandoned asylum. But more importantly, Donna is able to translate a text that Dick had photographed in Kory's storage unit which reveals that the ancient language used had shown Kory's mission to be that of killing Rachel.

Rachel gets to safety with Kory and Angela and offers to use her growing powers to help Kory work on retrieving her memories. But the session quickly turns south because as a flash of memory returns, Kory is prompted to grab Rachel by the throat. It's a fascinating direction for the show to take and how it plays into the dynamic of memory and identity. Is the real Kory the motherly figure that looked after the other Titans, or the hired killer tasked with murdering Rachel? How will her relationships with all of the Titans be effected moving forward?

"Titans" airs on Fridays on DC Universe.


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