The Gifted S02E09 "gaMe changer" Recap

In a flashback to one year prior, Rebecca's parents call Sentinel Services to take her after her increasing powers nearly kill her teacher. In the present, she has been returned to the Inner Circle. Andy is upset that Reeva has imprisoned Rebecca in a windowless containment unit which is parallel to the way the humans kept her captive.

Marcos is still mourning his separation from Dawn but John reinvigorates him by telling him about the lead regarding the company Regimen that the Inner Circle has been pursuing. Clarice and Marcos go with John to find an analyst, though they are horrified that John intends for them to kidnap him in order to question him.

Lauren tells her parents about Madeline's true intentions to cure every mutant of their abilities and once they are convinced of the truth, Reed is insistent that he is willing to give up the potential cure if it means saving all of the world's mutants. They learn more about the cure being developed and how it will turn off the x-gene. Lauren flirts with Noah, Madeline's assistant, to try to learn where the samples of her blood are being kept.

Clarice confronts John about how his obsession with stopping the Inner Circle has triggered the Purifiers to start up a larger manhunt for all mutants in the area. When they can't come to an agreement, Clarice decides to leave John, who works with Marcos to get information from the analyst. Ultimately, they learn that Regimen controls every mutant prison collar in the entire country.

Madeline reveals to the Struckers that Lauren's DNA carries two versions of the x-gene. She is interested in having Andy be part of the study but they inform her how Andy hasn't been living with them for months. Lauren gets a tour of where the blood samples and research are kept when Noah brings her down to the high-security storage area.

Andy breaks Rebecca out of her storage container with the intention of them going on the run. Rebecca however, wants to stay and kill the entire Inner Circle first. Andy pleads with her to not do this but Rebecca declares her intention to do to the Inner Circle exactly what she did to the people at the bank. Andy uses his powers to send her flying but in the process, she hits her head on a sharp corner of an arch and dies instantly. Andy is distraught, while Reeva assures him that he saved them all. Lorna later visits Andy to comfort him with this trauma.

Fade shows up and kills the analyst under Reeva's orders but John and Marcos fight him, knocking him out in the process. The Purifiers are also closing in on them fast and arrive on the scene. John insists on staying behind so that Marcos and Fade can escape but as a result he is captured by Jace.

Madeline and Noah managed to stop the Struckers from destroying the research by bringing security down. When Madeline says that mutants never should've been born, Noah turns on her. He rips out the implant that suppresses his powers and tells the Struckers to go while he stays behind and destroys the research and blood samples.

Lorna and Andy head to a Regiment facility and destroy their servers, resulting in the shut-down of all the collars keeping all the incarcerated mutants in the country captive.

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