The Gifted S02E10 "eneMy of My eneMy" Recap

In a flashback to three years prior, Marcos, Lorna, and Johnny make a promise to each other to always be there for one another when it matters most.

In the present, Andy visits Lauren in a dream. He wants to talk, feeling saddened and lost after losing Rebecca, but Lauren is reluctant to let him back in after he abandoned their family. Her parents advise her to be strong since this could be the key to getting him to come home. They get a call from Marcos, who tells them that the Purifiers have captured John. They reluctantly decide to call Lorna for help. Marcos tells hero meet him alone in exchange for getting Fade back.

Clarice wants to come with Marcos to the meet, blaming herself for John getting captured since they fought and she left him right before the Purifiers got him. When Marcos tells Lorna about John getting kidnapped, he also reminds her of the promise they made to one another. They know that John will never crack and the Purifiers will ultimately decide to kill him when they're unable to get anything out of him.

Jace leads the interrogation of John at a Purifier compound.  After some time, John decides to tell Jace about the Inner Circle. Jace has never heard of the Inner Circle but is able to deduce that Lorna and Andy were involved with the attack based on the description of their powers. He doesn't believe John, since he has never heard of this new group and doesn't know about the rift in the Underground.

Lorna figures out where the compound is and brings Andy with her to meet with Marcos, Clarice, and the Struckers. Andy is amazed to learn about how his father's powers have been re-manifesting but is saddened to hear about how they've been unstable. Reed uses his new understanding to try to reach out to Andy, and Caitlin also attempts to appeal to him to return but Andy is insistent that they don't ask him that. Lauren however doesn't trust Andy's return so easily.

Clarice snaps at Lorna and Marcos when they're too busy arguing instead of focusing on the mission at hand as they drive to the compound to save John. Jace still doesn't believe John's claims about the Inner Circle. He considers believing John's story about Andy and Lorna leaving the Underground but then the Underground members launch their attack with Lorna and Andy in league with them. When Jace sees Lorna and Marcos attack the compound together, he believes John lied and shoots him multiple times with a shotgun. Jace gets out of the room before Marcos and Lorna get to John and rescue him.

The Struckers have another falling out when Andy gleefully tortures a member of the Purifiers for trying to shoot Lauren. His family is horrified when Andy defends his actions and says that all the Purifiers deserve to be wiped out. Caitlin tells Lauren they will need to destroy the Inner Circle if they're going to get Andy back and Lauren agrees.

Lorna kisses Marcos goodbye but insists that this doesn't change anything between them.

Clarice reaffirms her love for John, who is still badly wounded from Jace's torture and shooting him.

Separately, Lauren and Andy each train to strengthen their powers.

The Gifted airs on Tuesdays on FOX at 8/7c.


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