The Gifted S02E11 "meMento" Recap

Flashback to 1985 and Andreas Von Strucker is seeking alterations to be made on the music box. After the job is completed, he kills the shop owner that did the job, using a powered sword.

In the present story, Reeva is working to recruit new members to the Inner Circle. However, these newcomers have a highly sadistic past, prompting Lorna to determine that Reeva must be stopped if the Inner Circle is to achieve its mission in the right way.

The Struckers have been hiding away in a small apartment they've rented, pretending to be humans. Lauren has been studied the history of the Von Struckers and has a dream of Andrea's death by way of gunshot and also sees Andrea's power of turning her barriers into cutting disks. Reed and Caitlin do their best to tend to her and keep the landlord from discovering the truth about their identities.

Benedict Ryan orders the Purifiers to raid a youth shelter in search of some mutants. Jace is interrogating one young teen that ran when they arrived when his partner kills a mutant teen in cold blood. He lies about the events to the police and the media hail him on the news as a hero. His ex-wife calls him to commend him for saving the lives of children, and that their daughter would be proud. She asks to meet but he cannot face her given all the guilt he feels for lying.

Police come to try to question them and Caitlin uses her more advanced powers to create a distraction outside to make them leave. Caitlin approves of Lauren's approach while Reed does not, believing that using her powers was too risky. Later on, Lauren intimidates the landlord that had called the police on them using her powers. She also finds hair samples from the Original Fenris hidden in the music box.

Marcos and Clarice visit Erg in search of information to help them in their investigation. He once again invites Clarice to join his community in the sewers but she is still intent on staying above ground fighting the good fight and finding happiness with John. Later while she is talking to John, who is still healing after his time with the Purifiers, Evangeline calls him to say that he needs to gather the Mutant Underground for what's coming next.

Lorna and Marcos reconcile as a romantic couple, despite having many philosophical issues to still work through. When they are later investigating Erg's trip they spy Reeva meeting in secret with Benedict Ryan.

The Gifted airs on Tuesdays on FOX at 8/7c.


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