Titans S01E10 "Koriand'r" Recap

Donna arrives in time to save Rachel from being killed by Kory, who seems to come out of whatever state she was in that caused her to attack Rachel in the first place. She leaves the house, and Dick and Donna follow her outside. She admits she's starting to remember and get into a truck to drive off. Dick and Donna follow her to an abandoned warehouse.

Rachel feels guilty for seemingly having done something wrong to trigger such a violent reaction from Kory. Gar tries to reassure her but she lashes out at him due to her volatile and vulnerable state. Angela encourages Rachel to hold on to the connections she makes with loved ones, prompting Rachel to reach out to Gar and apologise. He is shaken by some strange and ominous apparitions he is seeing in and around Angela's house.

Dick and Donna arrive after Kory at the warehouse where they all discover a spaceship that uncloaks itself for Kory. Her full name is Koriand'r and she is originally from the planet Tamaran. She was sent to Earth on a mission to destroy Rachel before she can trigger the destruction of Earth and Tamaran. Rachel's origins are finally revealed, as her father Trigon is a being from another dimension who devours worlds. Rachel exists as Trigon's doorway back to Earth's dimension but also as a potential means of destroying him. Dick, Donna, and Kory surmise that Angela has been working with Trigon this entire time.

Gar collapses from his sicknesses caused by the apparitions. He is dying and Angela convinces Rachel to summon Trigon in order to save him. All of this is done after Angela murders a local sheriff that had come over for a date. Trigon heals Gar and tells Angela that they will only be able to start destroying the world after Rachel's heart breaks. Dick, Donny, and Kory make it back to the house but encounter a mystical barrier around it that only Dick can go through.

"Titans" airs on Fridays on DC Universe.


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