Titans S01E11 "Dick Grayson" Recap

Five years in the future from the majority of the show's events and Dick is living a happy domestic life in California. He has a son, John, with Dawn who is heavily pregnant with another baby. Rachel and Gar call home from university. Jason Todd arrives after this, now paraplegic. Jason is happy for Dick to have achieved this domestic bliss and shares how he got too cocky in a mission against the Riddler and some of his men in a robbery. The Riddler shot a gun that injured Jason's spine and now he is in a wheelchair. Jason goes on to share how Jim Gordon is now dead, having been killed by the Joker. Now Bruce is determined to kill the Joker, having gotten worse since Alfred has also died. Jason implores Dick to return to Gotham, believing he is the only one that can convince Bruce not to do it. Dick is reluctant to go but after talking it over with Dawn, she convinces him to do it.

Dick returns to Gotham and is taken aback by how far the city has fallen. He stays in a bad motel and intervenes when a case of domestic violence breaks out in the room next door to him. He is shocked when another call comes through and the Joker is found murdered in cold blood by Batman. The lead detective on the case is suspicious of Dick and wants him to offer further information on how to bring Batman in. Dick is preparing to leave when the Joker jolts up and is revealed to actually still be alive, barely. Dick decides to return to Wayne Manor and try to reason with Bruce.

Dick sneaks into Wayne Manor and Bruce won't talk to him but listens while Dick gives a speech about being in a dark place and finding his way out because a kid needed him. Dick says it's not too late for Bruce to find his way back since Joker isn't dead, before leaving Wayne Manor once more.

Dick goes to the hospital to check on Joker and is reunited with Kory, who now works for the FBI. Batman then arrives at the hospital and kills Joker. Dick is horrified and calls home to Dawn to tell her what has happened and is jealous when he learns that Hank has come over to help Dawn paint the new nursery, something Dick had promised to do when he returned home.

Kory calls Dick to tell him to come to Arkham Asylum. Batman has attacked and killed practically every patient and staff member there. Feeling he has no other choice, Dick decides to reveal Batman's true identity to the police so he can be brought in before anyone else gets hurt. Dick works with the SWAT team set to raid Wayne Manor and speaks over the intercom to try to reason with Bruce so no one else gets hurt. But Bruce kills all of the officers in the raid, including Kory.

Dick orders the explosives to be set off, destroying Wayne Manor in the process. Dick goes into the rubble and finds Batman still alive but trapped in the debris. Dick kills him.

In the present, Dick is revealed to be trapped in darkness created by Trigon's power. Everything that happened in this prior storyline was a fantasy Trigon concocted to get Dick to embrace his inner darkness that he has long since struggled with. Dick's eyes have a dark marking branching out from them, showing his entrapment.

Some later in Metropolis, a man known has "Subject 13" has a tattoo of the Superman logo. He had been trapped in a some sort of containment chamber in a laboratory but has broken out. He frees a Laboratory Retriever from its own containment chamber. The dog's eyes glow red.

"Titans" airs on Fridays on DC Universe.


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