Cosplay, Conventions, Collectibles and Culture Collide in C4 Magazine!

Cosplay, Conventions, Collectibles and Culture Collide in C4 Magazine!

C4 Magazine Launches Crowdfunding Campaign; First Issue Slated for July 2019

C4 Magazine, a print and digital magazine centered around popular culture, has launched on Kickstarter.  Announced today at the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo (C2E2), C4 Magazine is a union of four parts - Conventions, Cosplay, Collectibles, and Culture. C4 seeks to truly be a one-stop shop for all your fandoms.
Scheduled for release in summer of 2019, the quarterly and internationally distributed print and digital magazine will feature both short- and long-form content, including:
  • Fully transcribed convention panels.
  • Original fiction stories by award-winning writers.
  • Opinion pieces by a multitude of celebrities and influencers.
  • Onsite coverage from some of the biggest music festivals of the year. 
*Mock Cover of Erica Fett Issue - New Surprise Cosplay Reveal for the Cover of Issue #1 of C4 Magazine
“Magazines aren’t dying – they’re just evolving. And the next stage of that evolution is called C4,” remarked Alan Scholting, Editor-in-Chief of C4 Magazine and life-long comic collector/tabletop gamer. “We will be working with some of the most revered and respected contributors in the business. From award-winning writers to the biggest names in cosplay and event photography, we’ve spent years curating relationships across all platforms of entertainment to ensure something special now that we’re ready to breathe life into this project.”
“What separates C4 Magazine from the pack, is that each and everyone one of us on this team is not only an industry professional, we’re fans as well,” exclaimed Rachael Havey, Art Director of C4 Magazine and cosplayer/game streamer. “At the core of everything here, we are a handful of nerds that have been fortunate enough to earn acceptance and respect in the beautiful industry of pop-culture.”
C4 Magazine’s inaugural issue is slated to be published in July 2019, timed with Comic-Con International’s 50th Anniversary.  Following the first issue, C4 Magazine will implement a hybrid revenue model which will include both digital and print content, sponsored content, sponsored C4 events, influencer partnerships and paid subscriptions to the magazine to keep all fandoms engaged. 
“I got my start in the early ‘90s making fanzines and its always been a passion of mine,” stated Ro Kohli, Publisher of C4 Magazine, and veteran music and pop culture industry marketer. “With C4, we want to establish a brand that is known for delivering quality content and entertaining our audiences. We want to bring all these things to readers because at the end of the day – we are you, and we know fans deserve a magazine publication that has their interest at heart.”

The Kickstarter fundraising campaign will conclude on April 22nd, 2019. Visit the campaign to become a reader and supporter today.


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