"Deadly Class" WonderCon Interview

"Deadly Class" recently wrapped airing it's first season on the Syfy network and now the cast, crew, and the fans who have fallen in love with it are waiting on baited breath for an official announcement for renewal. It's unclear why more people haven't picked up on all the strengths of the series, as it's just the sort of exciting property that should be setting social media on fire. Not only is the cast diverse in it's representation of varying backgrounds, each member of the large leading ensemble cast has been developed well with compelling character content jam-packed into just ten episodes. The action sequences are skillfully crafted and the imaginative incorporation of animation and other visually stunning stylization is some of the best you'll find on television today.

Five of the leading cast members visited WonderCon alongside the show's executive producer/co-showrunner Miles Orion Feldsott to discuss the many excellent facets that comprised the first season. María Gabriela de Faría portrays Maria, a character that is eventually revealed to suffer from bipolar disorder. She shared about the importance of researching the condition as well as understanding the traumas of the character and how they contribute to how she has reached this point of her life. Maria is also in a love triangle alongside Marcus, portrayed by Benjamin Wadsworth. Both actors stressed the importance of playing this dynamic as honestly as possible, to keep the dynamic fresh given how frequently the trope has appeared in young-adult content. Taylor Hickson (Petra), Liam James (Billy), and Luke Tennie (Willie) all spoke about how impressed they were to see the show in its final form, given the tremendous amount of work that gets done in post-production, from the music and the animation that enhance the impact of the overall style and presentation. Hickson even admitted to have recently taken on an audition for an animation project after falling in love with the genre from working on this series. Executive producer/co-showrunner Miles Orion Feldsott shared about numerous aspects of creating the show, from the animation, action, and incorporating the various 1980's elements to enhance the authenticity of the retro setting. He also admitted that the most difficult part of the show is to ensure that all of the lead characters are developed well across the season and have all of their stories consistently tended to and balanced. Regardless of this being a challenge, it's evident once you watch the series that the writers have successfully pulled it off.

Watch our full WonderCon interviews with the "Deadly Class" cast and executive producer here:


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