Image/Skybound Entertainment is pleased to announce that the forthcoming Excellence #1 Cover BExcellence by Khary Randolph (We Are Robin, Black, Tech Jacket) and Brandon Thomas (Horizon, The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury) will feature a very special line of variant covers, “Visions of Excellence,” which will showcase the work of creators of color.

The initial “Visions of Excellence” variant covers will feature artwork by: Khary Randolph, Sanford Greene, and Juni Ba.

"Legacy is one of the defining themes of Excellence, and these covers will showcase the past, present, and future of this world of magic," said Thomas. "The series of variants is also another way to recognize and celebrate even more creators of color, and we wanted to simply put the book into their hands, and see what characters and imagery inspired them. The results are already blowing us away, and stay tuned for even more amazing artists to contribute in the coming months!"

Excellence follows Spencer Dales, whose father belongs to the Aegis, a secret society of black magicians that protect the world with unseen hands. When Spencer earns the right to join the Aegis, he’s given the chance to fight for a better future. But who will stand beside him?

Excellence ignites a generational war in this action-fantasy series, committed to one truth above all others—Excellence is Real.

Excellence #1 Cover A by Randolph (Diamond Code MAR190016) and Excellence #1 Cover B by Randolph (Diamond Code FEB198633) will be available in stores on Wednesday, May 8. The final order cutoff for retailers is Monday, April 15.

Excellence #2 Cover A by Randolph (Diamond Code APR190138) and Excellence #2 Cover B by Greene (Diamond Code FEB198634) will be available in stores on Wednesday, June 19. The final order cutoff for retailers is Monday, May 27.

Excellence #3 Cover A by Randolph and Excellence #3 Cover B by Ba will be available in stores on Wednesday, July 17.
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