Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019) Review

In the ever-expanding landscape of cinematic universes, Warner Bros. is now kick-starting a new Pokémon film series. Pokémon Detective Pikachu may not offer anything groundbreaking as far as story-telling goes but it more than makes up for that with an exquisite visual world-building of many creatures that fans will have grown up adoring and trading. Ryan Reynolds brings an age-appropriate voiceover performance as the titular character which is further enhanced by meticulous work by the animators for this and all the Pokémon. This is a film that hits all the right beats for a family outing of parents and young children.

Justice Smith makes for an endearing lead, Tim Goodman, who is introduced as being in search of his father. Enter Detective Pikachu and shenanigans ensue. The story is strongest when it focuses on the mystery. The emotional beats are stronger than the film's marketing would lead viewers to expect. The expressive range from Pikachu's visage is impressive, as are the most large-scale action sequences. To hear more feedback regarding this film, watch my video review:


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