"Carnival Row" Soars High at Comic Con Amazon Experience

Amazon Prime has set up a series of Experiences for Comic-Con goers to gain the opportunity to dive into the worlds of their different shows including "The Expanse," "The Boys," and "Carnival Row." Whether you're going onto a strange new planet (The Expanse) or attempting to solve a crime committed by out-of-control superheroes (The Boys), there are many adventures to be had. But by far, the most meaningful and powerful Experience of the group is "Carnival Row."

The attendees are split into two groups, humans and fae (or anything pertaining to the broader supernatural world). Immediately there is a stark contrast in the manner of treatment. Humans are spoken to with respect and consideration while anyone belonging to the supernatural world is berated, has their documents meticulously inspected, and generally handled with a sense of distrust.

What's particularly powerful about this premise and the world-building that's established throughout the Experience is that it not only effectively introduces the attendees to the world of the show, but strikes a resonant and timely chord with current events. As a result, this is the experience that becomes most memorable. After entering a marketplace, you are gradually ushered off into a dark but sultry club that fosters feelings of wonder and secrecy (please remember that this Experience is intended for 18+ people only).

The club is filled with entertainment ranging from seductive dancing, peep-holes, and lush vocals. We'll refrain from spoiling the final plot development of the Experience's arc but when all is said and done, one can't help but feel compelled to bookmark the show as a must-watch to gain an even deeper insight into the world of "Carnival Row" and all the socially relevant layers in the storytelling.

All's well that ends well, as attendees are treated to one last parting gift: the opportunity to take flight and pose as a fairy complete with a stylish cape. This Experience is not to be missed!


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