EW's Comic Con Sneak Peek/IT Exclusive

EW’s Two Covers Align Vertically to Form the Sinister Red Balloon

EW’s special issue covers align vertically to form the sinister red balloon

Entertainment Weekly exclusively shares images and information about IT Chapter Two, the terrifying follow up to the 2017 horror movie, IT.

While a sneak peek of the covers and story is available today at EW.com, EW’s special collectible Comic Con issue will be distributed ONLY at next week’s San Diego Comic Con. One of the covers is an image of the adult cast who make up The Losers’ Club and the other cover features the nightmarish Pennywise. When stacked, the two covers form a key symbol from the IT franchise – the red balloon. The stacked vertical image will be shared on EW’s social channels.

Highlights from the cover story about IT Chapter Two include:

Director Andy Muschietti: “People who love the first one will love the second one. The emotional journey is probably doubled. The stakes are doubled. Pennywise wants revenge.”

Bill Skarsgård, who plays the evil clown Pennywise: “He’s scarier and he’s angrier. There’s a couple of very brutal things in the film.”

For the adult actors who form The Losers’ Club in this sequel set 27 years later, there was some fun to be had on set between the scary scenes.

Jessica Chastain, who plays the adult Beverly Marsh, says that when the characters reconvened at a Chinese restaurant on set in the fictional Derry “We had so much fun (shooting the sequence.) We literally sat, pretending to drink shots and eat Chinese food for two days.”


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