Metal and comics will once again come together as one at the 50th anniversary of San Diego Comic-Con International (SDCC) with a special live performance from Bay Area thrash metal legends,EXODUS! The intimate event, coined Bonded By Con, will commence on Thursday, July 18 at the House of Blues.

Tickets are on sale now at concerts1.livenation.com/event/0A0056BFF0FA4B94 

Vocalist Steve “Zetro” Souza comments, “It’s our honor to destroy the House of Blues San Diego for Comic-Con. We’re looking forward to seeing all of the fans of horror, sci-fi and pop culture, as well as theExodus fans who always come out to get in the pit and do the Toxic Waltz!! Comic-Con will never be the same!!”

This evening with EXODUS is the official Nuclear Blast Comic-Con Kick-Off Party sponsored by Court Of The DeadStern Pinball, and Rebellion Republic. Stay tuned for more announcements from Nuclear Blast / Stern Pinball / Rebellion Republic Comic-Con Booth #501 coming soon

To celebrate their 40th anniversary, Bay Area thrash metal legends EXODUS recently unleashed a new single entitled 'No Love (Live At Day In The Dirt 1984)'. The band is pleased to announce that the aforementioned single - featuring a rare demo version of "Death Row" on the B-side, which is only available on this release - can now also be purchased on limited 7" vinyl via this link:  nuclearblast.com/exodus-nolove

Take a trip back to that incredible time in thrash metal history with the recently unearthed live recording of "No Love (Live At Day In The Dirt 1984)", and listen to the raw power of the original Bonded By Blood line-up of the band that started it all... EXODUS!

Check out the track stream here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYLbWpL4OJ0 (Photographs: Brian Lew)
Listen and download at http://nuclearblast.com/exodus-nolove.
Or listen to the track in the NB New Releases Playlists:
http://nblast.de/SpotifyNewReleases / http://nblast.de/AppleMusicNewReleases

For thousands of years the word EXODUS has been used to describe a massive human migration; embarking upon an epic journey and change filled with such power that the earth itself shakes upon its commencement. All such grand exploits begin with a soft awareness for what truly lies beyond, yet 4 decades ago EXODUS had no way of knowing the extent to which their band would rise, conquer, trip up, and rise again. 
The formation of the beast we now call  EXODUS began in Richmond California 1979, and although many started their journey as fans a few years down the line, there is no debating that the early 80’s was a time for major growth in the world of Thrash Metal, especially in the Bay Area of California. Currently, the EXODUS lineup is comprised of: Tom Hunting on Drums, Gary Holt on Guitar, Lee Altus on Guitar,Jack Gibson on Bass, and Steve "Zetro" Souza as lead vocalist. Regardless of how we metalheads may see it, heavy metal will forever be one of the more niche genres in the music industry. Longevity is the key here; to have reigned for over 40 years and created 10 unique, game changing, full length albums amidst the even smaller bailiwick of thrash metal. EXODUS not only remain unwavering in their delivery, but in their strength and progression as a successful and unique sonic endeavor that make your every bone rattle and your blood churn in the best of ways

LISTEN"No Love (Live At Day In The Dirt 1984" TrackPhotographs by Brian Lew.

Visit EXODUS at

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With well over a decade in both the merchandising business and music industry, the owners of Rebellion Republic are taking the scene by storm. Established in 2019, Rebellion Republic is quickly leaving their mark by aligning themselves with some of the leading artists and companies in the world like CADAVEREXODUS, and Nuclear Blast Records. Their mission is to convert their partner's stories and craft into unique and compelling merchandise allowing them to connect with fans all over the globe. Rebellion Republic strongly believes artists deserve to not only to have great products, but to also have their talents be supported, encouraged, and represented. Creativity is inherently bold, unique and rebellious; it requires the creator to step out of the bounds and challenge the status quo - Rebellion Republic not only nourishes that, they are that!

The Court of the Dead, an original property by Sideshow Chief Creative Officer Tom Gilliland, has proven to be a cult hit with horror and fantasy fans alike. 
The Court of the Dead is a dark fantasy universe in which Heaven and Hell are locked in a war that is literally fueled by mortal souls. The Alltaker (Death himself) and his Court of the Dead are the unlikely heroes who must rise up to restore balance to all the realms.
Combining museum-quality statues with fine art prints, literature, comic books, board games and more – the Court of the Dead is a rich and immersive world with an ever-growing cast of fascinating and compelling characters. 
Find out more at: courtofthedead.com 
Visit the Court of the Dead at Comic-Con! Sideshow booth #1929

Founded in 1987, Nuclear Blast Records is synonymous with the worldwide advancement of heavy metal, extreme music, and hard rock. Nuclear Blast boasts a roster of close to 200 bands representing eighteen countries including SLAYERROB ZOMBIEMESHUGGAHNIGHTWISH and many more. The office in Los Angeles has helped build the label’s trusted global reputation with numerous Billboard album chart entries, high-profile tours, and continual signings of new & heritage acts.


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