NUCLEAR BLAST Announces Signings and Exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con International 2019

Nuclear Blast Records, synonymous with the worldwide advancement of heavy metal, extreme music, and hard rock, is returning to San Diego Comic-Con International at booth #501 with Stern Pinball and Rebellion Republic!

This year Nuclear Blast, Stern Pinball, and Rebellion Republic continue the tradition of bringing the most extreme collectibles to Comic-Con with exclusives and limited edition items from Slayer, Iron Maiden, El Hijo del Santo, and Black Knight: Sword of Rage plus official merchandise and music fromExodus, Arch Enemy, MeshuggahSabaton and many more!
Booth #501 will also host exclusive signing appearances by the legendary silver-masked luchador El Hijo del Santo, Netflix original award winning series ‘Orange Is The New Black’ actress and heavy metal badass Jessica Pimentel, and ‘The Next Elvira’ and fantastical author April Wahlin.

Combining forces for the 2nd year in a row, Nuclear Blast and Court of the Dead, an original property of Sideshow Collectibles, offer a crossover collector’s pin FREE with email signup and a 
FREE CD music sampler featuring new songs by Nuclear Blast artists and Court of the Dead artwork. The pair just launched a contest giving you the chance to win an incredible 12-piece prize package including a Nuclear Blast and Court of the Dead branded guitar from Dean Guitars, music fromSLAYER and EXODUS, and high-end Court of the Dead figures from Sideshow CollectiblesClick here to enter.
Join Court of the Dead, Nuclear Blast, Stern Pinball and Rebellion Republic at their Comic-Con after-party at House of Blues San Diego on Thursday, July 18 with a special performance by Exodus and special guests Exmortus and Nukem. Tickets are on sale now at:
Visit Booth #501 for exclusive signing appearances by:
Musician and actress on Netflix original series ‘Orange Is The New Black’, Jessica will be signing custom art prints by Marcelo Vasco(Slayer) (imited to 100).
  • Thursday, July 18; 1:30pm-2:30pm
  • Friday, July 19; 1:30pm-2:30pm    Signing with El Hijo del Santo

The heir to the iconic Silver Masked legend El SantoEl Hijo Del Santo has a career spanning over 35 years. Without a doubt the most important name and mask in Lucha Libre history around the world,
  • Friday, July 19; 1:30pm-2:30pm                   Signing with Jessica Pimentel
  • Saturday, July 20; 1:30pm-2:30pm
Metallic Print 8”X10” Photos and other official merchandise available at booth #501!

Author and winner of Fox Reality TV show ‘The Search for the Next Elvira
  • Friday, July 19; 4:00pm-5:00pm
Signing copies of her fiction novels Thirteen Offerings and Pandora Syndrome

This year’s Comic-Con exclusives and limited edition items at Booth #501 include:

SLAYER x Super7 ReAction Figure Nuclear Blast Blood Splatter Variant
The official Super7 x Slayer 3.75-inch ReAction Figure immortalizing the demonic Minotaur from the cover of the band's 1983 debut album Show No Mercy. The figure includes a cape and sword accessories. Limited to 1,500 pieces. $15
NOTE: This item will be sold at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 at the Nuclear Blast Records booth #501. Limited supplies are available for you to order through the Nuclear Blast Online Store to be shipped to your home address. 
Order your SLAYER x Super7 ReAction Figure here:

‘Number of the Beast’ Nuclear Blast Green Variant
Inspired by the album art from ‘Number of the Beast’, this highly detailed 1:24 scale PVC figure features Eddie in a highly dynamic pose puppeting the Beast. This Figure measures about 4-inches tall and comes on a green fire and Brimstone base, and packaged in a diorama-style window box. 4-inch Number of the Beast Figure. Limited to 666 pieces. $25

NOTE: This item will be sold at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 at the Nuclear Blast Records booth #501. Limited supplies are available for you to order through the Nuclear Blast Online Store to be shipped to your home address.
Order your ‘Number of the Beast’ Nuclear Blast Green Variant here:

Vinyl Soundtrack 
Black Knight: Sword of Rage features a legacy sound package composed and performed by Scott Ian of Anthrax with Brendon Small. This adrenalizing soundtrack is available on Baby Blue Vinyl and is limited to 100 copies. $20

EL HIJO DEL SANTO Metallic 8”X10” Photos
Debuting in 1982 El Hijo del Santo had a huge responsibility to carry with the legendary Silver mask and the name that people grew up with, but like a true real life hero he took the challenge head on and has been able to forge an illustrious career on and off the wrestling ring. Take home 8”x10” photos of some of his finest moments printed on high quality metallic paper and available in limited quantities. $20 each or all 5 photos for $80
PHOTO 1: El Hijo del Santo; second generation from the legendary El Santo, El Enmascarado de Plata. This 8X10 photo features the legendary luchador eyeing his opponent and preparing for battle.
PHOTO 2: Photo 2: El Hijo Del Santo celebrating one of his major victories. Holding high the mask of his opponent as his trophy; this 8X10 features the legendary luchador celebrating with his fans.
PHOTO 3: From the top rope comes this amazing shot of El Hijo del Santo launching himself to his opponent. Ripped masks and adrenaline pumping this 8X10 photo features a lucha libre battle in action.
PHOTO 4: This epic black and white shot of El Hijo del Santo shows him celebrating a match. This 8X10 photo captures the feeling and joy of defeating a tough opponent.
PHOTO 5: When El Hijo del Santo grabs ahold of you and uses his signature move famously named “A Caballo” you now you are done. This awesome action shot features his signature move in full affect. This has brought him many victories on top of the ring.


IRON MAIDEN ‘Two Minutes To Midnight’ Nuclear Blast Art Variant (2018 Exclusive)
Exclusive Nuclear Blast green/purple art variant by artist Zombie Yeti. Limited to 100 hand-numbered prints! $60
IRON MAIDEN: LEGACY OF THE BEAST Comic #5 Stern Pinball Cover Art Variant (2018 Exclusive)
Exclusive comic book cover featuring artwork from the Stern Pinball machine series. Limited to 666. Only 100 left! $20

Free with email signup! Also available at Sideshow booth #1929


Don’t miss EXODUS performing at House of Blues San Diego with special guests EXMORTUS and NUKEM on Thursday, July 18th! You can get your tickets at Booth #501 for just $30!

Lovingly referred to as "The Crusher" by some and respectfully as "Bruja" by others, Jessica Pimentel is best known for her portrayal of Maria Ruiz on the Netflix original award winning series Orange is the New Black. Featured in various roles on both stage and screen (Person of Interest, Law and Order, Illegal Tender, Pride and Glory, Off Jackson Avenue, A Bread Factory)Jessica has received 3 Screen Actors Guild Award wins and an additional nomination.

The Brooklyn born and raised native New Yorker is not just an actress but a musician. Backed by Spector, Korg, Gibson, Darkglass, Aguilar and Dunlop, she began her musical career at a young age and is a trained classical violinist. Formerly, the bassist of Desolate and played various instruments in several New York Hardcore bands. Currently the frontwoman for the extreme metal bands Alekhine’s Gun and Black Heart Sutra. It is said that she is also the woman behind the white bandana in Brujeria, dubbed by Juan Brujo himself as "La Bruja Encabronada". Her love and passion for music is not only in playing instruments and growling in faces till they melt. She is one of the top DJs on the streaming radio service Gimme Radio, the fastest growing internet streaming music service on the planet. She brings her ferocity and Crushing spirit to everything she does by always incorporating her spiritual beliefs in her work.

For press inquiries please contact Nancy A Schuster at


Without a doubt El Santo is the biggest name in all of Lucha Libre (Mexican Wrestling). Debuting in 1934, EL SANTO became the biggest name in the sport of Lucha Libre. Expanding his greatness not only on the wrestling ring but on the silver screen, he starred in nearly 100 films that dealt with vampire women, Werewolves, criminals and many more. His popularity and charisma with people was so massive that his movies became instant hits with the people and not to mention regarded as the #1 most iconic Mexican wrestler of all time. EL SANTO passed away in 1984 but not before passing the torch his son and heir to the throne; EL HIJO DEL SANTO. Debuting in 1982 EL HIJO DEL SANTO had a huge responsibility to carry with the legendary Silver mask and the name that people grew up with, but like a true real life hero he took the challenge head on and has been able to forge an illustrious career on and off the wrestling ring. EL HIJO DEL SANTO has been able to take Lucha Libre to a whole new level. He has taken the sport to different countries on numerous occasions and most notable for the first time ever in history had a wrestling event at the world known Louvre Museum in Paris France, where he was one of the contenders. Regarded as one of the best ever in the sport and respected by his peers, EL HIJO DEL SANTO has been able to decorate his career with many records, championships and achievements.


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