SDCC Panel Recap: FM Announcements

Famous Monsters Godzilla King of the Monsters Giveaway

Famous Monsters' "Making a World of Monsters" panel went down on Friday afternoon. Here are the highlights for those of you that couldn't make it!


FACE OFF's Walter Welsh was on hand to discuss the makeup demos he'll be doing all weekend at the famous monters booth: Thanos from AVENGERS: ENDGAME and a brand new HELLBOY sculpt!

Famous Monsters October Annual Cover Art

FM #291 is coming, and we revealed this year's covers!
Cover A:
by Sanjulian
Cover B:
by Sanjulian

Famous Monsters. X-Plus. Godzilla.

It's true, monster kids: Famous Monsters is set to become the official American distributor of X-Plus figures!
X-Plus's Gigantic Series Godzilla 2019 was showcased at the panel. Set to be released in November of 2019, the Gigantic Series Godzilla is a full 38 (!) inches long, finely detailed, and made of soft vinyl.

Preorders will be available shortly. Go here to get more details on FM's exclusive X-Plus display at the con!

Ack-Ives to Continue

Published twice annually on your favorite classic horror themes, the Famous Monsters Ack-Ives contain curated FM coverage from our 60 year magazine history! Volume 2: The House of Hammer debuted at Comic-Con with two brand new covers by Sanjulian. Volume 1: Godzilla is almost completely sold out. Go here to get copies of the Ack-Ives!

Cullen Bunn gets on board with AGP

American Gothic Press, FM's comic book publishing division, made the exciting announcement that renowned writer Cullen Bunn has signed on to write an AGP series! Writer of countless Marvel and DC series as well as creator of titles like HARROW COUNTY and THE SIXTH GUN, Bunn is a longtime fan of Famous Monsters and shared his memories of the magazine at the panel. News on his AGP series will be coming soon...
Issue 1 available at comic shops and online on July 24!


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