"Stuber" Review

"Stuber" is a refreshing addition to this year's roster of action films. When Vic, portrayed by Dave Bautista, gets eye surgery he calls an Uber to chauffeur him around as he pursues leads on a case he has a personal investment in solving. Stu, portrayed by Kumail Nanjiani, is that Uber driver. To say that hi-jinks ensue would be an understatement.

Nanjiani has already established himself in both stand-up comedy and comedic acting, and Bautista's background is full of action, this dynamic on-screen works very well. They are given the opportunity both as actors and characters to bring the other into their respective worlds. They're genuinely funny with one another and effectively display that they are capable of more than what they were previously known for.

Regardless of the modest budget, the film executes action well. This appears to be due in large part to a strong set of stunt actors and coordination, as well as the enthusiasm of the lead actors in these particular sequences. The comedy is also well done, and it's made all the better by the genuine chemistry between Nanjiani and Bautista who very clearly convey their enjoyment in getting to work with one another. The comedic writing embraces plenty of self-awareness and meta humour regarding the action genre and the tropes that exist within that genre. The old-fashioned approach to male-led action films is often centered around muscle-bound characters with no convincing emotional depth or interesting character arcs. "Stuber" has more depth than you might expect it to. It offers an entirely respectable amount of character development in the emotional journey for both Stu and Vic. It's a breath of fresh air that is just what the genre needs.


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