"Birds of Prey" Begins Promotional Campaign

All the DC fans that have been clamouring for new DC content can rejoice! Not only is "Joker" getting rave reviews from the film festival circuit, the "Suicide Squad" spin-off "Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)" is officially kick-starting it's promotional campaign.

Margot Robbie has been at the forefront of driving this project creatively since she first began working as Harley Quinn in the Oscar-winning DCEU film "Suicide Squad" (2016). It was her insistence that played a key role in components such as the film having a woman director (Cathy Yan will be the second woman to direct a film in the DCEU and the first Asian woman to do so), the film being another ensemble piece in which Harley has friends instead of traversing her journey all alone, and likely other creative aspects that we the audience have yet to learn about since we haven't seen it yet.

There is a teaser trailer that is being reported to only be playing in cinemas (for now) and in all likelihood will be heavily pushed in the trailers before "IT: Chapter Two" (another WB release that is only a week away from it's release). However, as the Internet is a virtually unstoppable force nowadays, that trailer has already leaked online and began to make it's rounds. In it, Harley wields her giant mallet that was teased as an Easter Egg in "Suicide Squad" and multiple other characters (both 'heroes' and villains) are teased in the shots that are cut together in rapid succession. Get ready, folks! Another DCEU hit is on the way!


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