Award Winning Short Film “Dark Specter 2” To Be Released On YouTube, November 8th 2019

Dark Specter 2 is the story of an up-and-coming supervillain who is so powerful he could do anything he desired; if only he wasn’t held back by the weight of family obligation.  The short film has spent the last year on the film festival circuit capturing the hearts of viewers and acclaim from critics.  Its unique take on the superhero genre has earned Dark Specter 2 multiple awards including eight Best Short Film wins, six wins for Best Actor, one win for Best Director, and more than a dozen other awards.  In addition, earlier this year Dark Specter 2 was given the honor of being nominated and screened at one of the world’s most coveted gatherings—Comic Con. 
Now, this powerful and unique short film is coming to YouTube!  Scheduled for release on Friday, November 8th, the creators are hoping YouTube’s audience will enjoy it as much as festival goers have already.  Indie Shorts Magazine called Dark Specter 2 “a brilliant take on the superhero genre, subverting the paradigm, well supported by a stellar cast and incredible writing.” 
Watch the trailer for Dark Specter 2 at
Dark Specter began as a sketch comedy idea by creator Bruce Nachsin.  Dark Specter 1 explored some basic conceptual ideas and comedy.  However, the story vastly evolved for Dark Specter 2 to include more depth, heart, and dimensions to the characters.  Dark Specter 2 also brought on writer Manuel Gutierrez and director Richard Tatum to the team who have helped shape the direction of the story. 
The goal now is to turn Dark Specter into a full-length series.  So far, a full season has been written along with a bible.  The team of creators are now working diligently to secure the industry support required to turn their dream into a reality. 


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