"Birds of Prey" Review

"Birds of Prey" is a wild, romping ride that must be experienced on the big screen. The technicolour palette seen across the exquisite costumes, sets, and other visual effects are a true feast for the eyes. Harley Quinn is very much the driving force of this project, as is Margot Robbie. Not only is her performance as magnificent as ever, she was a producer and championed for key aspects of the film's story and production including getting women to direct and write and the fact that this is an ensemble of women as opposed to something that only focuses on her.

Harley Quinn is fresh off a break-up from Joker and once the worst criminals in Gotham learn of this, her life is in danger since she is no longer under his protection. The other women/girls that are part of the Birds of Prey are introduced gradually through a non-linear timeline as we come to learn how they fit into Harley's journey as well as their own back stories.

All of the leading ladies are cool and fresh characters, and the villains Roman Sionis / Black Mask and Victor Zsasz (whom I've lovingly dubbed 'Villain Boyfriends') are incredibly charismatic with powerful chemistry that brings the audience something never seen before. The action is largely lead by Harley, Black Canary, and Huntress and it's all incredibly dynamic to watch.

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