"Brahms: The Boy II" Review

Plot Premise: The Brahms doll in the first film wasn't anything supernatural. The plot twist was that  Lauren Cohan's character Greta was hired to take care of a couple's son, only to find out it was a doll after arriving at the manor. She begins to question whether or not the doll is really alive because of strange happenings but the plot twist is that Brahms is actually a grown man living in the walls/attic of the house and has been sneaking around and gas-lighting Greta into questioning whether or not the doll really is alive. Well, the Brahms franchise owners have decided to Friday the 13th this story by making Brahms an actually supernatural doll possessed by some sort of malevolent spirit. They don't elaborate on anything noteworthy about the lore of the doll. There's a new family that has a less than pleasant encounter with Brahms (the doll, not the man living in the walls).

The Good: Nothing comes to mind.

The Bad: The film is a lacklustre horror sequel that didn't need to exist in the first place. The first film being a financial success is reason enough for a studio to want to commission a sequel but there's nothing interesting, original, entertaining, or compelling about this film. It's too bland to be memorable or leave any sort of noteworthy impression. It reads more like a direct to DVD type of story than a mainstream studio release.

Who This Film Is For: It's difficult to say who would un-ironically enjoy this film. If you have a an affection for bad horror films/sequels and are looking for something to make jokes about, perhaps this will be to your liking.


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