"Gretel & Hansel" Review

You might not know it at first glance, but you're probably more familiar with "Gretel & Hansel" director Oz Perkins than you realise. When preparing to write this review, I clicked on his page only to recognise his face immediately. As it turns out, Oz Perkins is the not only a feature film director but an actor that appeared in Legally Blonde as David, the law student that Elle Woods stands up for when some girls are mocking him.

Perkins shows a strong ability to create picturesque horror imagery and instill an unsettling feeling in the audience. Though some have criticised the pacing of Gretel & Hansel few can deny that the cinematography is very appealing to look at if you are a fan of horror.

This adaptation is a return to form for this classic fairytale, after so many have been watered down considerably to be more commercially viable to a child-friendly market. Gretel & Hansel are forced to leave their home when their mother is no longer to provide for them and is threatening to kill them if they insist on staying. It's an interesting take on the story to have more of a focus placed on the origin of the witch's magic after her character is introduced. Though the story is fairly simple, the slow burn and atmospheric dread combined with the picture-perfect cinematography and mood lighting make for a respectable horror film.


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