"To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You" Review

Plot Premise: Picking up from the events of the first film, Lara Jean is exploring her new relationship (a real one this time) with Peter Kavinsky. However, will the points of conflict established between them in the first film be too much for them to stay together? Perhaps the return of John Ambrose, a recipient of one of Lara Jean's letters, will further drive a wedge between them...

The Good: Lana Condor is always a delight to watch. She's incredibly charming and endearing as a young protagonist in a teen film.

The Bad: The colour grading is shockingly hideous. There is a blueish/greenish tint to every scene to the point of making beige walls and human flesh look sickly and off. Peter Kavinsky does truly awful things in this film to Lara Jean, compounding the awfulness he exhibited in the first film, and is never held accountable for any of it. The film puts forth a truly harmful message to young girls about the type of behaviour they should tolerate and romanticise in the people they date. (For a more specific, spoiler-filled explanation of his behaviour, watch the spoiler review embedded below).

Who This Film Is For: Naive teens that don't know any better. No one with common sense should enjoy this.

Watch the spoiler review here:


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