"Bloodshot" Review

The Premise: Vin Diesel plays the titular character known as "Bloodshot" (whose civilian name is Ray Garrison), a former soldier turned super-weapon by way of nano technology infused into his blood that make him stronger and more durable with the ability to repair the injuries he sustains at a rapid rate. After being saved from a near-death experience with these newfound abilities, he must find down the parties responsible for the death of his wife.

The Good: David S. F. Wilson is making his directorial debut after a career of working in VFX and that particular background is evident in the creativity and design of the special effects throughout the film. Though some have criticised Vin Diesel's performance, it's no less adequate than the performers that popularised the B movie action flick in decades past. The difference is that this time there is a budget and technological advancements to better develop the straight-forward revenge plots of those films.

Who The Film Is For: The general consensus from Valiant fans seems to be that they appreciate the film's approach in adapting the source material. Those looking for a less child-oriented superhero film, or a nostalgic trip down memory lane of the revenge-seeking action star are sure to enjoy this.


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