"Emma." Review

Premise: Emma Woodhouse is a spirited, albeit judgmental young woman in high society. Though she is full of love and empathy for those she holds close to her, including her hypochondriac father and her best friend Harriet, she displays a tendency to look down on people who come from lower societal classes and anyone that threatens to bring out the insecurities she has within herself. She must learn to grow and mature in her personal character or risk losing those she loves.

The Good: This is by far the most stylish adaptation of a classic Austen novel as far as filmmaking choices go. There's an energy to the editing and cinematography that hasn't been seen before in the other film adaptations of Austen stories that keep the original time period. The performances are all excellent, and there's so much fun to be had with the characters sassing each other while they go on their personal journeys and character growth.

Who This Film Is For: The more lively filmmaking style of Emma (2020) and the way it more heavily embraces the comedic opportunities of the source material means that this could be the gateway film for those less acclimated to Austen adaptations or other films with a more classic, British delivery.


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