New: Rumer's lullaby for lovers, "The Fate of Fireflies" out now!

Upcoming album is the “chanteuse’s unexpected but 
immaculate country conversion” (MOJO)
British vocalist RUMER has unveiled a sensual lullaby with 4th instant grat track, “The Fate of Fireflies,” from NASHVILLE TEARS, her upcoming album of songs by Hugh Prestwood (Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame). The song is available now with album pre-order and accompanied by a night-sky themed lyric video -
Prestwood’s storytelling frequently makes metaphors of the natural world and on “The Fate of Fireflies,” a lover suggests dimming the bright lights of the world like the fireflies who find each other best in the dark. Other IG tracks already unveiled include the ethereal “Bristlecone Pine,” which juxtaposes mortality with the world’s oldest living thing; “The Song Remembers When,” about nostalgia through music which was a hit previously for Trisha Yearwood;  and the retro-styled “Hard Times For Lovers.” 
Early praise from Billboard noted “Rumer’s whispered vocals over delicate acoustic guitar and soaring string accompaniment.” Rolling Stone wrote of “her warm alto – with shades of Karen Carpenter” and mastery in finding “the perfect spot in her vocal range to sit and max out the nostalgic melancholy.” MOJO Magazine’s early 4-star review raved, “helmed by former Jimmy Webb producer Fred Mollin, (the album) features the cream of Nashville’s session fraternity on 15 songs by Hugh Prestwood, whose material has been recorded by Judy Collins, Trisha Yearwood, & Alison Krauss. Prestwood’s slow-burning tales of desire and domestic discord are well-matched by Rumer’s beautifully plangent voice, which brings aching melancholy to the heart-searching ballads.” 

Rumer first discovered the songs of Hugh Prestwood as she searched for “lost gems” while living in the American South. With grand arrangements and traditional elements, Nashville Tears was produced by Fred Mollin at StarStruck Studios with some of Music City’s best musicians; Mandy Barnett, Pat Buchanan, Matt Dame, Stuart Duncan, Tania Hancheroff, Lorrie Harden, Tommy Harden, Mike Johnson, Kerry Marx, Gordon Mote, Larry Paxton, Scotty Sanders, and Bryan Sutton. 
Her 2010 debut with Seasons of My Soul earned her a MOJO Award, two Brit Award nominations, and went platinum in the U.K. and Ireland, In the U.S., Rumer has earned praise from NPR, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, CBS Sunday Morning, and others. 
"The Fate Of Fireflies" lyrics 
Well, I read somewhere
That they're slowly disappearing
'Cause there's too much light
In the evening sky
And in all that glare
Even with their brightest flicker
They can't find another firefly

Baby, I could swear
That the same goes for true lovers
Don't they always find
Each other in the dark
It was a twist of fate
That I was trapped in shadows
When I saw you flash your
Perfect spark

There are all these people
In the world
Saying true love's just a lie
Every night they flit into the glow
Of a rosy neon sky

So what do you say
Baby, shall we turn these lights out
So that we can see
What's right before our eyes
And by that faint flame
Let us find salvation
And escape the fate of fireflies...


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