"The Invisible Man" Review

Premise: Cecilia Kass (Elisabeth Moss) escapes from her abusive boyfriend, Adrian, only to find out shortly thereafter that he has committed suicide and left everything to her. Once strange things begin to happen, Cecilia becomes convinced that Adrian has managed to turn himself invisible to continue tormenting her.

The Good: This is one of the strongest releases we've had so far in this early part of the year. Elisabeth Moss gives an intense and powerful dramatic performance, though this shouldn't come as a surprise to those that have watched her leading role on "The Handmaid's Tale". Considering how modest the film's budget is, the special effects (both practical and visual) are very well executed. The film takes a while before the action starts to pick up, so a lot of the drama and tension is well established without requiring much flash or bang, but once things start to escalate, the action is exciting to watch and the dramatic stakes are clearly felt.

The Unpleasant: Given the heavy subject matter (domestic violence and abuse), it's worth noting that those with a particular sensitivity to these topics might want to hold off on watching it until they are better prepared to watch a work of fiction that addresses this issue.

Who This Film Is For: Though the film is marketed as a horror film, it bears a lot of resemblance to psychologically driven thrillers/dramas so even adults who aren't as inclined towards the horror genre should consider watching the film for the many strengths it has.


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